INTERPOL (IGCI), Simda botnet taken down in global operation

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INTERPOL (IGCI), Simda botnet taken down in global operation

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INTERPOL coordinates global operation to take down Simda botnet

The Simda botnet, believed to have infected more than 770,000 computers worldwide, has been targeted in a global operation coordinated from the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) in Singapore. [...] Simda was used by cyber criminals to gain remote access to computers enabling the theft of personal details, including banking passwords, as well as to install and spread other malicious malware. The majority of computer owners will be unaware their machine has been infected and are advised to check their machines and run a broad spectrum anti-virus software.[...] Active for several years, Simda had been increasingly refined to exploit any vulnerability, with new more difficult to detect versions being generated and distributed every few hours. It has been used for crimes against citizens, financial institutions and the Internet itself, catching and redirecting traffic. [...] In the first two months of 2015, some 90,000 new infections were detected in the US alone. The Simda botnet has been seen in more than 190 countries. [...] In a series of simultaneous actions around the world, on Thursday 9 April, 10 command and control servers were seized in the Netherlands, with additional servers taken down in the US, Russia, Luxembourg and Poland.
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Re: INTERPOL (IGCI), Simda botnet taken down in global opera

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Simba est un vieux malwares, plusieurs années qu'on le croise.
La fiche sur supprimer-virus :
Première règle élémentaire de sécurité : on réfléchit puis on clic et pas l'inverse - Les fichiers/programmes c'est comme les bonbons, quand ça vient d'un inconnu, on n'accepte pas !
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