Alerte Spam : eMail avec pièce jointe d'attaque

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Alerte Spam : eMail avec pièce jointe d'attaque

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Pièce jointe à un email en anglais prétendant qu'une plainte a été déposée contre mon activité et que le détail de la plainte se trouve dans la pièce jointe.

Titre (sujet) de l'eMail

Complaint Case #245797677933

Le numéro de la pseudo plainte changeant probablement avec chaque destinataire !

Contenu du message :
Internal Revenue Service

You have received a complaint in regards to your business services.

The complaint was filled by Mr./Mrs. Benito GARCIDUENAS on 07/22/2013/

Case Number: 245797677933

Instructions on how to resolve this complaint as well as a copy of the original complaint are attached to this email.

Disputes involving consumer products and/or services may be arbitrated. Unless they directly relate to the contract that is the basis of this dispute, the following claims will be considered for arbitration only if all parties agree in writing that the arbitrator may consider them: Claims based on product liability; Claims for personal injuries; Claims that have been resolved by a previous court action, arbitration, or written agreement between the parties.

The decision as to whether your dispute or any part of it can be arbitrated rests solely with the IRS.

The IRS offers a binding arbitration service for disputes involving marketplace transactions. Arbitration is a convenient, civilized way to settle disputes quickly and fairly, without the costs associated with other legal options.

2013 Council of IRS, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Si cela a été fait, se rendre immédiatement sur une procédure de décontamination ou se faire assister en décontamination sur le forum.

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