Vulnérabilités phpmV2

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Vulnérabilités phpmV2

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Pour ceux qui ont un forum/sites et qui utilisent phpmV2 :
You are receiving this email from phpMyVisites (php web analytics) because
you have downloaded the product, registered for the newsletter or
participated in the forums.

The phpMyVisites team announces the immediate availability of phpMyVisites
2.4 which addresses a *critical* security issue in versions greater than
2.3b3. There are automatic attacks running on Russian servers that are
infecting phpMyVisites installations. When infected, a php shell is installed
on the server which can give total server control to the attacker.

All phpMyVisites users are *urged* to update their existing phpMyVisites to
the 2.4 release. Please find more information about the issue on the official

We will not be releasing any further phpMyVisites versions after 2.4. The
team has been working over the last two years on a new and improved project,
Piwik, which aims to be an open source alternative to Google Analytics.
Piwik is evolving rapidly and now has more than 30,000 users in more than 33
languages! New features are added every month. We recommend that you start
using Piwik as a replacement for phpMyVisites for your web analytics.

* phpMyVisites 2.4 downloads
* Piwik
* Piwik online demo
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